Tips for Using Room and Linen Sprays to Make Your Home Smell Good

Tips for Using Room and Linen Sprays to Make Your Home Smell Good

The best air freshener for your home is the one that does more than just make your house smell good—it makes it feel good too!

A good room and linen spray is multipurpose and not just an air freshener. Here's 5 features that make a great room and linen spray:

  1. It helps eliminate odors on fabrics and surfaces
  2. It can be used to freshen up furniture, carpets, curtains, laundry and bedding
  3. It can be used in a variety of settings, such as at home, in the car or at the office.
  4. They are made with natural ingredients and are eco-friendly
  5. They come in a variety of scents to suit different preferences

Room and Linen Sprays are great for giving your home a quick and easy refresh. Here are 5 tips for using room and linen sprays to make your house smell good:

  1. Spray them in the air, on curtains, and on fabrics like pillows and bedsheets.
  2. Use them in areas where odors tend to linger, like the kitchen or bathroom.
  3. Don't overdo it - a little goes a long way.
  4. Try different scents for different rooms to create a specific mood or atmosphere.
  5. Use them regularly to maintain a fresh-smelling home.


 What Makes Our Room and Linen Sprays Unique? 

Our Room and Linen Spray is a multi-purpose product that can be used to freshen your sofa, bedding, carpet, linen closets, living areas and more! 

It features a fine mist spray bottle that dispenses 1.2 cc of product per second in a long continuous spray with each squeeze of the trigger. 

You'll get the best use out of every drop with the 360-degree upside down spray capability so you can enjoy every last drop!

Last but certainly not least, the bottles are Reusable and Refillable making them eco-friendly too! 


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